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Meeting for results: SME conference statements


SONY DSCFebruary, 23 2017 Conference of National SME platform «2017-2020. What to expect on SME market in Ukraine, ways to survive» gathered representatives of social business units and business associations.





More than 90 people joined the conference. Here are some representatives: Civil society “Molod’ ta pidpryemnytstvo”, Civil society “Social center “Еtalon”, Association of private employers, Charitable organization Foundation by the name of princes-benefactors Ostrozsky, LTD “Direct investments”, CS “Business-Union “Porada”, Societies of entrepreneurs of  small, medium and private enterprises of Ukraine, CS “ Society of entrepreneurs, lease holders and owners in Sumy oblast», and others.

At the start of the Conference representatives of CIPE handed over the certificate on assigning web-resource “National platform MSB” to National organization of retail trade (“BU “NORT”), as the representative of Coalition of Ukrainian business units, who won the tender on assigning the portal.

After that the Head of BU “NORT” Yuriy Bondaryev handed over diplomas to THE BEST in 2016 on results of voting at National platform MSB. Worth saying, that Association of private employers managed by Oleksandr Chumak is ahead in three nominations. In 2016 Oleksandr Chumak also took the first place as “the Leader of the year among CS managers”.

Oleksandr Chumak spoke on 320 000 UAH fines. He told about consulting on paying UST being practiced. On February, 21 2017 there was a Round table «2017-2020. What to expect on SME market in Ukraine, ways to survive» arranged in Kharkiv. Five seminars on the issue arranged in the region. Active dialogue with local authorities is carried on.

Nadia Bedrychuk (Ukrainian association of direct sales) spoke on necessity to facilitate business star for small enterprises in maximum, on UST and cash registers making own business start more expensive, tax police, taxes and risky decisions to become entrepreneur under such terms.

Iryna Berezynets (CS “Siaivo Sivershcnyny”) passionately spoke on tax code, cash registers and urged entrepreneurs create laws themselves.

Svitlana Ichenska (Union of entrepreneurs, lease holders and owners in Sumy oblast) spoke on  entrepreneurs’ ignorance and future of the tax system.

Olena Yeremenko, Business-Union “Porada” from Zaporizhia told about possible consequences of changing legislature for business in Zaporizhia oblast and what business representatives do to solve most relevant issues. Mrs. urged to negotiate with regions. For now mobile group has been created in Zaporizhia. It makes unscheduled check-ups impossible.

 «The whole business and us want to lead business in a legitimate way and sleep well at night, but at the same time we want to be asked », – says Mrs. Olena when it goes about the governmental obligation to coordinate with entrepreneurs all the projects related to entrepreneurship.

During discussing, Verkhovna Rada informed that tax police reanimation is canceled, this information brought the audience to their feet.

Further discussions were the same as important. So called “Dragon” fines and basis every entrepreneur must be aware of to protect himself in case of a check-up. This info was provided by Yuriy Radzievskiy (executive partner in Law firm “Radzievsky and Partners”).

«Any entrepreneur has right not to let the check-up happen », – Yuriy Radzievskiy says.


 The executive director of CASE Ukraine Dmytro Boyarchuk spoe on the topic of energy resources and connecting to energy networks issues. Mr. Dmytro told about methods of access to power lines.


Oleh Hetman (tax group coordinator on Revivification Package of Reforms) presented investigations on simplified tax system and cash registers:

«The problem of control in Ukrainian realities crosses out the idea of profit from total fiscalization. Implementing obligatory usage of cash registers for everyone conflicts with the ideology of the reform and erodes its main aspects. We can assert that in case of such an attempt the reform will be buried, as we will not kill the all-embracing corruption in State Fiscal Service and thus this disease will develop and draw other departments. Offers as to the total fiscalization of cash payments in Ukraine are not based onto proves of efficiency (according to fiscal payments results analysis in 20 countries carried out by IMF analysts), to the contrary bring guaranteed economic losses and other, even more serious negative consequences».


 Then followed information on “cloud fixation” and why it is “convenient”.

«The big problem now is that it is impossible to control till slips in retail trade and small business. Reason is entrepreneurs do not want to pay big money for equipment and maintenance of cash registers», – noted Yevgen Krekoten (director of LTD «Zruchnyi servis», expert of the working group on developing draft bills on cloud fixation).


SONY DSCThe last expert speaker was Natalia Balandina, senior consultant on SME development policy issues, EU4Business/FORBIZ project, who told about the work process over the strategy of small and medium entrepreneurship in Ukraine till 2020 and making plan and realization, what is done and what is next.


The hottest part of the conference was group work.

After the main part participants fell into sections:

  • Regulating labor-market. Fines: What shall we do?
  • How to overcome monopoly onto the market of energy resources.
  • SME strategy in Ukraine will 2020.
  • Cloud fiscalization.

Generally, the conference turned out to be very fruitful. At the end, participants voted for the following issues to be addressed to the government:

  • Lawless punitive penalties for entrepreneurs for breaking labor legislature and not letting audit be carried out;
  • Excessive and baseless tariffs to connect objects to electrical supply network (decree НКРЕКП № 148 dates January, 31 2017 «About fixing unit weight value for irregular grid connection for 2017»).
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