Українська версія
нац. платформи МСБ

National SME platform is a network inspiring, fitting out and mobilizing the MSB organization to act in order to promote business environment of Ukraine

We provide effective cooperation of the MSB organization, civil society, government, parliament and other stakeholders in order to improve state politics in the area of entrepreneurship to provide maximum favorable conditions for the MSB business environment development, in which small and medium enterprises flourish and play the main economic and social part in the settled development of Ukraine.

Mission: Creating the best business climate in Ukraine via consolidating the MSB society, offering advocacy of the key public politics reforms granting needs and legal interests of the MSB.

Goal: To become the leading protector of economic freedom, voice of Ukrainian MSB and equal partner in dialog with

the national government.




Our values:


  • We communicate honestly and directly, build relations on the ground of trust, respect and humanity
  • We keep our promises
  • We take responsibilities
  • We stand against corruption in all of its aspects, including bribery and ripping-off


  • We bare personal responsibility for our actions and their consequences
  • We concentrate on searching decisions and achieving results, but not looking for excuses and perpetrators
  • We take active part in discussions and support taken decisions
  • We discuss our decisions and plans together with those who these decisions and plans will influence onto

Team work

  • We discuss our decisions and plans together with those who these decisions and plans will influence onto
  • We effectively work in order to achieve set goals together while encouraging personal efforts and personal responsibility
  • We treat each other with respect and communicate openly
  • We share knowledge and information with each other
  • We provide feedback and accept constructive comments
  • We are open for new ideas and encourage for open dialog
  • We subject the best ideas from any network member to public gaze
  • We accept and respect values, distinctions and all difference of each other
  • We appreciate diverse views and experiences
  • We encourage cooperation with other regional and national organizations to strengthen expert-analytical capabilities
  • and influence onto the business society


  • We are not waiting for changes, we make changes
  • We all the time analyze the business environment and initiate measures meant to improve it
  • We learn legal initiatives aimed to change regulatory environment and provide that the corresponding public authorities prepare decisions in regard of the MSB position Political equity Not a single political party influences us We do not support (do not take part in political and election contests), do not propagate “for” and “against” any political party, party coalition or candidates We do not allow using lists of the network members or any other resources of the network in some party’s or political interests We do not strive to influence the network members’ choice as to their voting for this or another party or a candidate. It is also true in cases, when some candidate is a member of the network
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